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Gay white men have a tendency to latch onto their homosexuality when they are asked to be held accountable for their whiteness.

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I remember my first crush in elementary school was on a white boy. There was something so alluring and charming about him and white boys in general. The idea of dating any other race didn’t even cross my mind. Middle and high school would see me having crushes on just…

A publication dedicated to challenging and creating new perceptions.

Perceive More! strives to be a publication that features pieces that challenge our perception and broadens our understanding of complex issues in the world. From race, culture, politics, and more, the publication will offer takes on various topics and attempt to do what is often hard, see things from the…

Kyle Rittenhouse’s verdict upholds a system that continues to do what it has always done — protect White Supremacy.

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As the breaking news notifications started to pop up on my iPhone of Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal, I turned off my notifications and continued to work. What else was I supposed to do in a system that continues to excuse the actions of white people? How else do you react to…

White queer identity is often allowed to be explored while other forms are ridiculed.

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This is Pleasing: Harry Styles sets out to ‘dispel the myth of a binary existence’ reads the Guardian headline to describe the new lifestyle brand by the pop star. It’s a telling headline to an article that goes on to describe the business adventures of the artist who has increasingly…

Without access to the digital world, I didn’t feel fully present in the physical one.

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Recently, there have been plenty of conversations in the tech world about the future of the internet. Ever since Facebook changed its parent company name to Meta, people have been discussing what will the metaverse look like. It’s hard to imagine a world where people are not always in the…

CBS News tweeted a question that started an open debate on the privilege of being taught race.

Screenshot of tweet from CBS News.

On November 4, 2021, CBS News tweeted an article asking the question, “How young is too young to teach kids about race?” The tweet started an open debate around who this question really applies to. Some, particularly Black and Brown people, made the argument that the only group of children…

The mass media told very different stories with their headlines about two elections that had similar results.

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If you have paid any attention to mass media headlines over the past two days, you’d be convinced that the Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial elections had stunningly different results. For example, a headline from the Associated Press reads, “Murphy ekes out win in NJ, GOP’s Youngkin upsets in Virginia”…

Cishet Black men have a tendency to participate in Oppression Olympics at the expense of the entire Black community.

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

LGBTQ+ hatred spewed by cishet men is nothing new in the community. Men with fragile masculinity tend to overcompensate for their perceived shortcomings of manhood by projecting onto those who are easy targets — LGBTQ+ individuals. So, it was not a surprise to see another entertainer tap into this hatred…

Vaccines are public health measures meant to protect communities from diseases. Therefore, the conversation should center around how vaccines protect communities, not individual's opinions on it.

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As vaccine mandates become widely adopted by industries and governments, people are believing that their individual rights and freedoms are being violated. They are beginning to adopt the term “my body, my choice” when having these conversations even though the term is most widely known for being related to abortion…

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